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Carts & Trucks

Stor-Quip is your number one source for Industrial Carts! We specialize in literally hundreds of carts for use in any industry. Not only does Stor-Quip carry most standard carts, we also carry plenty of specialty carts for those who need just the right cart for that not-so-standard job! Steel carts, aluminum carts, stainless steel carts, plastic carts, instrument carts and many others.

Security carts and trucks can be used to secure valuable materials or tools.  Customers use enclosed security carts to transport sensitive materials from one location to another.  Platform trucks move large, bulky items or heavy items.  Mobile workbenches offer excellent tooling storage at a machine or work great for maintenance personnel to store and secure tools.  You will find vertical panel movers for sheet steel or plywood transportation as well as pipe trucks for moving and storing pipe.

If you can't easily find the cart you're looking for, a friendly and knowledgeable Stor-Quip representative will be glad to help you find exactly the right cart for the job! 

We now offer custom built carts just for your application!  Just call us toll-free at 1-888-392-7867.