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Self Dumping Hoppers

Forklift-Operated Self-Dumping Hoppers and Tilt Trucks: Steel hoppers are designed for fork truck handling of waste, general trash, scrap steel and many other materials. They're especially useful in in-plant housekeeping, recycling, in-process material handling, sorting & storing operations, scrap collection, and other rugged applications. Construction sites use dump hoppers for trash collection and excess materials to be discarded or transported to another location.  Steel recycling firm utilize dump hoppers for the collection of scrap steel in manufacturing facilities and then dump into a larger roll-off container.

Our premium Series dump hoppers offer sizes ranging from 1/4 yard to 2-1/2 yard and ship in 24 hours.  This series offers a remote trip rope for dumping without leaving the seat of the forklift.  The all-steel construction is built to last in the toughtest of environments, including foundries!  Our Economy and Value Series self dumping hoppers are excellent choices for price concious buyers, but still provide rugged steel construction.  The bumper release dump hoppers offers automatic dumping when the bumper contacts the side edge of a larger dumpster container.

Tilt trucks are perfect for in-plant housekeeping and are a lighter weight alternative for personnel to manually move throughout your facility.   Need help selecting the right hopper? Call us at 1-888-392-7867!

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  1. PREMIUM SERIES - Self Dumping Hoppers - **Ships In 24 Hours**

    • Big labor savers
    • All welded construction
    • Built tough and durable
    • Heavy duty rocker stops

    All welded dumping hoppers handle bulk materials or scrap easily. Can be moved with a forklift or rolled on optional casters. The narrow models are designed to fit into tight spaces without losing load capacity. Big space saver when shipping by truck. They can be loaded two wide and stacked, saving both space and money. The dump handle is one piece. The dump hoppers are engineered to dump when the locking mechanism is tripped, and to return to the upright locked position when empty. Safety retaining chain and remote trip rope assembly is standard on all Premium Series hoppers. Painted green.

    • STRUCTURAL BASE hoppers are designed for severe applications where a structural base is a must.
    • Ideal for steel processing, heavy stampings, scrap yards, etc.
    • Rockers on 1.5 thru 2.5 yd. are mounted inboard and gusseted to provide increased strength to hopper body.
    • Structural Base and narrow hoppers ship in 2 weeks.



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  2. VALUE SERIES - Self Dumping Hoppers - **Ships In 1-2 Weeks**

    These rugged, welded steel hoppers solve your bulk handling problems and increase productivity - low cost means quick payback! Hoppers are designed for forklift handling, dump safely from any height and are precisely balanced to tip forward for complete discharge of contents and return to an upright position. For wet or dry use. A positive locking latch prevents accidental dumping; 2" formed top lips increase rigidity and eliminate sharp edges. A safety chain secures the hopper to the handling vehicle.

    Empty units through 2 cubic yard size can be stacked up to 3 high for space savings (not to be stacked when loaded). Hoppers are shipped fully assembled; choice of colors: orange or gray enamel (hoppers will be painted orange unless suffix “– G” is added to the model number). Choose the Extra Heavy Duty hoppers for the most demanding applications. Heavy Duty hoppers and Medium Duty hoppers are available for loads that don’t require the capacity of the Extra Heavy Duty models. Empty units through 2 cubic yards can be interstacked up to 3 high with heavier or lighter models of like size. Dimensions represent the overall width, length and height.


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  3. ECONOMY SERIES - Self Dumping Hoppers - **Ships in 2 Weeks**

    The ECONOMY SERIES Hoppers are perfectly balanced to roll forward when loaded, dump completely and automatically return to upright, locked position ready for reloading. Continuous welding helps to prevent leaking or dripping of wet materials. Formed smooth edge around top and pouring lip for safety and strength. Extended sides prevent side-wise scattering of material. Stacking feature (standard on 1/2 through 1 cubic yard models) permits stacking of empty hoppers. Strong, easy-to-operate latching mechanism. Includes safety chain.

    • See options for Lids, Casters and Remote Pull Chain.
    • The standard color is GRAY
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  4. BUMPER RELEASE Steel Hoppers - **Ships in 4-5 Days**

    70° Self-Dumping Steel Hopper automatically dumps when bumper release contacts side of dumpster. Hopper returns to an upright and locked position automatically after it dumps. Also includes a cable that may be operated from the seat of the fork truck to manually dump the hopper. A locking chain is provided to secure the hopper to the fork truck. Usable fork pockets are 71⁄2"W x 21⁄2"H. Constructed with durable, consistent robotic welds. HD-33, HD-50, HD-75 and HD-100 are stackable if you stack the top hopper turned 90° from the bottom. Base fork pockets are 3/16" thick. Powder coat blue finish.

    Hopper lids keep the contents of hoppers out of sight for a neater appearance. Constructed from heavy-duty virgin black polyethylene material, these lids are lightweight and easy to open. Top of lid includes a crown for water drainage and a ribbed design for strength and aesthetics. Ideal for schools, hospitals, and warehouses. Factory or field installed.

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    • These rugged units are designed to meet height restrictions that cannot be obtained with standard hoppers.
    • Used under presses, conveyors or work stations where space is a premium.
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    • Low profile design.
    • Minimize filling height maximize visual inspection.
    The low profile design is essential for convenient loading and dumping. Dumping is quick and simple. A cable runs up to the driver and with a simple pull the unit dumps. Then the hopper returns to a locked position when lowered to the ground. Fork pockets measure 7-1/2" x 2". Durable powder coat finish. Optional casters and lids available. Learn More

    • Wide body design and convenient working height of 46" makes this unit a natural for handling large long bulky items. FOB Shipping Point.
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    • Specifically designed to meet your bulk handling requirements.
    • Used to handle large volume metal, wood, plastic, cardboard scrap, etc.
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  9. VESTIL Forklift-Mount Chute Hoppers

    Perfect for confined areas or jobsites with limited space. Full-height door automatically closes and locks when empty. Welded steel construction. Unit secures to truck carriage via a safety chain.

    VESTIL Chute Hoppers are perfect for confined areas or jobsites with limited space.

    Features a full-height door that opens to empty contents and automatically closes and locks when empty. Release cable opens the door. Heavy-duty welded steel construction. Pockets slide onto standard sized forks. Unit secures to truck carriage via a safety chain. 5000-lb. capacity. 7-1/2"Wx2-1/2"H fork pockets.

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  10. VESTIL Portable Steel Hopper with Forklift Pockets

    Easily fits underneath machinery to act as a parts catch basin. Dumps 90° and automatically returns to locked position when lowered to the ground. All-welded steel construction. Includes 33-1/2"H removable handle. 4" phenolic casters—2 swivel, 2 rigid.

    Here’s a great tool for moving and transporting parts and bulk-in-process materials.

    VESTIL Steel Hopper is only 19"H so it fits easily underneath machinery to act as a parts catch basin. May be dumped 90° using the convenient pull-cable. Once material is dumped, hopper automatically returns to locked position when lowered to the ground. All-welded steel hopper includes a 33-1/2"H removable handle. 2000-lb. capacity. 7-1/2"Wx2-1/2"H fork pockets. 1/2 cu. yard capacity. Rolls on 4x2" phenolic casters—2 swivel, 2 rigid. Powder coat finish.

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    • Ideal for banding, cardboard, wood, paper, trash, etc.
    • Durable general purpose tilt truck makes easy work of refuse handling.
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    • Makes handling waste and bulk material safer and more convenient.
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    • Designed for confined areas and tight turns with less effort to dump.
    • Built to handle the big, bulky capacity jobs.
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  14. VALLEY CRAFT Steel Tilt Trucks

    Tapered end combines with balanced loading gear for safe dumping. Leakproof seams. Two 10" fixed wheels. 3/8 cu. yd. has one swivel caster; 1/2 and 5/8 cu. yd. have two swivel casters.

    Sturdy VALLEY CRAFT® Steel Tilt Trucks handle the big loads. Leakproof seams. 14-gauge steel. 10" mold-on casters. Two 10" fixed wheels. 3/8 cu. yd. has one swivel caster; 1/2 and 5/8 cu. yd. have two swivel casters.

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  15. RUBBERMAID Self-Dumping Polyethylene Hoppers

    Mobile hopper has forklift capabilities for elevated dumping. Tilts a full 30° below horizontal. Pull-release safety latch operates manually with rope or stick.

    Specify: (01) without casters, (02) with 6" polyolefin casters. SELECTED MODELS IN (02) WITH CASTERS ARE IN STOCK.
    Why wait for a fork truck when one person can easily move and dump big loads with these lightweight, RUBBERMAID® Self-Dumping Hoppers? Mobile hopper has forklift capabilities for elevated dumping. Tilts a full 30° below horizontal. Pull-release safety latch operates manually with rope or stick.

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    • Lighter, Quieter and Easier to Handle Than Steel Hoppers!
    • Molded Polyethylene Bodies are Supported by an All-Welded Steel Framework.
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